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What are pets ?

What are pets?

 Pets are animals that live with humans and raise them in their homes or on farms for the purpose of benefiting from them or for entertainment. Humans have begun raising pets since ancient times. Humans initially used them to be companions and accompany them in forests and farms, or with the aim of benefiting from their milk or skins, or For the purpose of moving on them and walking long distances, such as horses and donkeys, some pets are kept for guarding and protecting homes and farms or guarding other animals, and some of them are used for agricultural work such as plowing, and among the people who keep pets the most is the shepherd who takes care of sheep and runs them in the prairies, and rides them. Usually the donkey is also a domestic animal to carry between the mountains and valleys, in addition to the dog that guards the sheep.

Characteristics of the pet

One of the most important characteristics of a pet is that it coexists with humans in all harmony and is not a predator or causes harm to it. Whoever wants to raise a pet must adhere to the basic rules that apply to raising animals in Islam, whether the goal of raising them is to benefit from them or to enjoy their shape or sound. Beautiful, so he must do his full duty towards them, such as feeding and watering them, treating them kindly and not hitting them or hurting them, not burdening animals beyond their capacity, treating them and comforting them if they become ill, and raising pets is one of the beautiful practices that many people accept. Among the pets that have the greatest share of attention as animals that live with humans in homes and farms are dogs. There is a widespread belief that the first pet that a person acquired and kept as a companion was the dog, and at the present time people use it for guarding or for walking in parks and streets, especially since the dog gives... It is accompanied by a feeling that it is protected from any attacks from a stranger. As for most of the animals that humans have domesticated and made into pets, they are raised in order to benefit from their various products, whether milk, skins, meat, feathers, or eggs. 

Before a person thinks about raising pets, he must create all the appropriate conditions for them to live, and one of the most important measures is to provide a place for them to sleep and provide them with appropriate food. Vegetarian animals should not be fed any types of meat, or meat-eating animals should be fed any type of plants. Taking care of their health and vaccinating them on an ongoing basis to prevent them from contracting diseases, taking them to the veterinarian if they become ill, and not harming them or allowing children to hurt them, hit them, or trap them. It is best to raise them in pairs to allow them to reproduce and so that they feel like they are in their natural environment.


Types of pets

There are many types of domestic animals, and the most famous types and ones raised by people are: cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits. It is known that most people accept to raise dogs and cats in their homes due to what is stored in the popular memory about these animals because they give them good companionship in hours of isolation. Dogs were widely used in hunting, and it is worth mentioning that some types of dogs are predatory and not suitable to be pets, which is why people raise certain types of them. As for cats, in general, they are all pets, and among the most famous pets are horses that people use for riding. In equestrian and agricultural work. Sheep, goats, and cows are 

among the types of pets that people raise in order to obtain their milk, in addition to obtaining sheep wool and goat skin. Some also use cows for water pulling and plowing work, and some raise these animals to obtain their meat. Among the types of pets are fish that people raise. In aquariums, which are known as ornamental fish, there are also species that people raise because of their love for animals in general, even though they are predatory, but they raise and train them to become gentle and tame, such as: crocodiles, tigers, lions, panthers, hamsters, and many strange and rare species of animals that may be found in places. Specific and not available elsewhere.

Some people raise rabbits for their meat or fur or to play with them and enjoy their movement. Some also raise chickens and ostriches to obtain eggs or meat. Some raise certain types of snakes and consider them pets and have fun with them. They are non-toxic and harmless to humans. Among the other types they raise Some people raise camels, which the people of the desert largely raise to obtain milk, fur, meat, and the ability to move from one place to another. Some people raise animals that some may not consider pets, but they do not cause harm, such as trained monkeys 

 that make them feel amused. There are those who raise bears, lynxes, and frogs, and this varies depending on People's tastes. The most famous types of birds that are considered pets are: parrots, canaries, lovebirds, peacocks, ducks, and geese. Some raise small and large turtles. In general, people accept certain types of pets more than others, especially dogs and cats. This depends on the attention and care the animals need. Under certain conditions, dogs and cats can live and adapt to people quickly and get along well. They can also adapt to the place designated for them, whether indoors or outdoors. They eat many types of food. Other species that people raise include lizards, squirrels, and elephants in some African regions. Some also raise mice for specific purposes, and some raise mules.

The impact of raising pets on humans

One of the most important benefits of raising pets is that it gives a person a beautiful inner feeling, in addition to its many benefits. It helps him in many tasks and relieves him of the feeling of loneliness. Also, many pets, especially dogs and cats, act as a friend to a person, accompanying him in his homes and travels and helping him on the road. They defend him, and some of them can bring help to their owner if they feel he needs it. This is why pets leave an impact full of love, kindness, and tenderness, and make a person feel more human, and he expresses it through his compassion for these animals and his 

 care for them. One of the beautiful effects that pets leave on a person is that they greatly reduce tension, anxiety, and psychological pressure, and they make a person get rid of negative energy and renew positive energy in his heart. They also help him feel fun, entertained, and entertained. This reduces the feeling of boredom, and pets help in feeling... Its owner brings renewal and life. For this reason, many elderly people want to own pets so that they can be a companion to them in their loneliness, and even accompany them when shopping and walking. Pets make their owners feel loved and increase their self-confidence, especially if the pet is obedient to its

 owner, carries out his commands, and is properly tamed, and especially if the animal highlights the skills of its owner, such as a horse that excels in jumping hurdles and equestrian competitions, or a camel that wins in running competitions. Or lions, tigers, crocodiles, and elephants that show off some moves in the circus, making people marvel and sing their praises. Some pets also help their owners who suffer from special circumstances. Dogs, for example, help blind people find their way.

Pets contribute to increasing the human body’s immunity to diseases, especially if they were raised with them from childhood and gained immunity from them against allergenic things that cause asthma and congestion. They also enhance a person’s sense of responsibility not only towards them but also in life in general, and improve children’s personalities and increase their skills. In play, it makes them more social. It also reduces children’s aggression towards their peers, reduces adults’ aggression as well, reduces their nervousness and feelings of anger, and increases a person’s ability to accept. Children learn from her how to take care of herself, clean her place, and take care of her children, which creates within them the desire to Learning and discovery. Pets can improve the mood and give a life-filled appearance in the home. They also distract children and make them play. Given the importance of animals and their impact on human behavior, they are used in behavioral therapy in schools and hospitals, and contribute to greatly accelerating treatment.

 Pets have a wonderful impact on the environment, as they It maintains the environmental balance and protects humans from harmful insects and rodents, and contributes to greatly reducing their spread. Cats, for example, eat lizards, snakes, and rats. To reduce the risk of keeping pets, they must be vaccinated against diseases constantly so that their positive effect continues and to prevent their negative impact on human health, especially since some Pets may transmit diseases caused by microbes and parasites.

Benefits of raising pets

A pet is any animal kept by humans as a source of companionship and pleasure. While humans keep pets for the pleasure that these animals provide to their owner, this relationship of pleasure is mutual, as pets feel pleasure in accompanying humans. Therefore, keeping a pet can be described as a symbiotic relationship that benefits... Both animals and humans, the practice of keeping pets has existed from prehistoric times to the present, with pets found in almost every society and culture. This article will talk about the benefits of keeping pets and certainly the drawbacks of keeping pets. 

The spread of pets in various societies

Pets are very popular in various countries and societies of the world, as there is a widespread practice of keeping these animals, raising them in homes, and caring for them. This interest is not new, as it has existed since ancient times, but with the passage of time, the spread of the habit of raising pets has increased, and this spread indicates the benefits Raising many pets, and among the most important countries and societies that have a very wide spread in raising pets are the following: [2] China, where spending on pets increased from $3.12 billion in 2010 AD to $25 billion in 2018 AD, and the people own China has 51 million dogs and 41 million cats, and there are a total of approximately 755 million pets, an increase from 389 million pets in 2013 AD. Italy According to a study conducted by Italian family associations in 2009, there are about 45 million pets in Italy, including 7 million dogs, 7.5 million cats, 16 million fish, 12 million birds, and 10 million snakes. United Kingdom A study conducted by the University of Bristol in 2007 found that 26% of families in the United Kingdom owned cats and 31% owned dogs, with a total estimated at approximately 10.3 million cats and 10.5 million dogs in 2006 AD. Studies also found that 47.2% of families who Those with cats had at least one person with a degree-level education, compared to 38.4% of households with dogs. 

United States of America: Approximately 68% of American households, or about 85 million households, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. This represents an increase from 56% of American households in 1988 and was This is the first year in which this study was conducted. There are approximately 86.4 million cats and approximately 87.2 million dogs in the United States of America, and according to a survey conducted in 2007-2008, it was discovered that the number of families that own pet dogs exceeds the number of families that own cats.

The effect of raising a pet on its health

Before talking about the benefits of raising pets, we must talk about the impact of raising pets on their health, as keeping pets may sometimes be harmful to their health if certain requirements for those animals are not adhered to, and one of the most important problems that these animals can face is inappropriate nutrition, An example of this is the eating of chocolate and grapes by dogs, as this food may be fatal to them, and some houseplants can be toxic to pets. Examples of this are philodendron and Easter lily, which can cause significant kidney damage to cats. Household animals are also considered vulnerable. Obesity, whether cats, dogs, or other pets. The excessive weight of these animals can cause diabetes, liver problems, joint pain, kidney failure, and cancer. Therefore, whoever raises pets must bear responsibility for these animals and take good care of them so that they do not suffer from any Damage.

Disadvantages of raising pets 

Just as there are many, many benefits of raising pets, there are also negatives and harms. After mentioning the benefits of raising pets, the negatives of raising pets can be mentioned. The most important of these negatives are the following: [4] The person who keeps pets will need a major change in lifestyle. This depends on the type of animal he keeps. Whoever keeps pets will have to spend a lot on their food, accessories, treatment, etc. The person who keeps pets should hire a pet sitter to take care of them when the person is not home. A period of time of the day should be set aside for pets. It is not possible to travel with pets often as they get tired due to it. Losing a pet can be extremely heartbreaking and difficult, as you will feel lonely and lost without your pet.


Things to consider when raising a pet at home

Pets are animals that a person can adapt to under one roof, and among the best pets to raise at home are dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish, in addition to animals that are known to be non-domesticated, such as the lion and the tiger, but with experience and the passage of time, these animals get used to their owner. , to become pets only with him, as this requires extensive experience in dealing with animals. The relationship between humans and pets is described as a symbiotic relationship, as caring for pets benefits both.

Things to consider before deciding to care for pets at home

If you are thinking about raising pets at home, and are wondering about the most important information about pets and the most important points to take into consideration before acquiring any pet, including cost, responsibility, and so on, we will put in your hands a bunch of the most important things to consider before Make the final decision.

We begin with one of the most important things that must be thought about repeatedly before acquiring a pet at home, which is time and effort. The animal is a responsibility no less important than other responsibilities, as the breeder must make an effort to pay attention to the details of this animal, which needs constant care. For example, a dog needs to be taken for a walk at least twice a day, while cats do not need that, which is why they are considered easier to raise than dogs. On the other hand, a dog needs to play, which can result in damage to some household belongings, so It is recommended to own dogs if there is outdoor space.


Financial cost 


The financial cost is not limited to the price of the pet itself, although some types of animals are of expensive breeds, but the financial cost is represented in the basic needs for caring for the animal, in addition to the necessity of purchasing food designated for each type of animal, especially the supplies that The animal needs toys, medicines, vaccines, etc. Speaking of pet names and prices, dogs are considered the most expensive, followed by cats, then rabbits, and then birds.

After making the decision to acquire a pet, the breeder must, before taking the animal home, allocate a place for it to sleep, provided that it is well ventilated. This is in addition to allocating a space in which the animal can play and move at its own convenience. A special place must also be provided for this animal to relieve itself. .

Age of the animal

When you think about acquiring a pet, you must know the appropriate age for the type of animal you want to raise. For example, it is not recommended to buy dogs under 45 days old, due to their need for a mother at this age. It is also preferable for the dog to be between 2 and 6 months old, as It is difficult to train and adapt it to the place after the age of six months. As for cats, it is preferable that they are not less than a month old. 

We conclude the list of things that must be taken into consideration before acquiring a pet with health care, which is considered the most important, as you must ensure that the animal receives its basic vaccinations, including preventive, monthly and annual vaccinations, which protect it from serious diseases. This must be ensured that the animal is not carrying any virus, and then the animal must be taken to the clinic to take monthly pills that will prevent worms from approaching and living in its body. If you are a resident of the Emirate of Dubai, you can check out the best pet care centers in Dubai.